Sunday, October 9, 2011

News and updates

A few weekends ago I attended/worked at Inked Out New Jersey tattoo convention. I've worked conventions before, but this one brought a whole new level of satisfaction. Previous conventions were lesser known with tattooers of mediocre to subpar capabilities. Inked Out NJ was booth after booth of extremely talented artists and old timers who have been in the business since the 40's. I made a few new friends, and some good connections. Paul Gambino, editor of Skin And Ink Magazine, approached me before the doors opened and asked me to tattoo him as well as talked about putting me and my shop in the magazine. It was a great experience, but the beginning of hopefully greater experiences. Starting Jan 2012 I will be traveling a lot. Miami, DC, Philly, Mass, just to name a few. I'll keep updates on my travels. And if you are in the areas I'll be, send me an email at to book an appointment.

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